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Make work
less like work

At Harder Inc. getting things done can be tough. Friction between doing what really matters and how things are organised can make simple things difficult and difficult things impossible. Performance suffers.

At Easier Inc. we help people to reimagine their organisation, removing friction so that doing what matters is easier, better, faster and cheaper. The result is work that feels a lot less like work.

Connect perspectives and create common purpose

How we work

Gather focus onto shared points of leverage

How we work

Create pace through practical approaches people trust

How we work

Hardwire collaboration for sustained improvement

How we work
  • "Working with Easier Inc. has been a breath of fresh air."

    - Dr Darunee Whiting, GP, NEW Devon CCG
  • "They brought exceptionally clear thinking and an ability to translate insights into practical solutions. We are much better off as a result."

    - Peter Gough, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Zurich Ireland
  • "Easier Inc. revolutionised the way we think about quality and performance, and how to make this work in self-managing teams."

    - Helen Sanderson FRSA, Founder and Wellbeing Leader, Wellbeing Teams
  • "The way that Easier Inc. helped us challenge our view of the world was inspiring and done with great humility. And the results are amazing."

    - Mark Cannon, Director of Primary Care, Here
  • “The Easier Inc. approach has that rare ability to expose your organisation's true problems and reveal its potential to bloom at the same time. You'll never look back.”

    - Mark Smith, Head of Digital, Gateshead Council
  • "Easier Inc. helped us to face up to uncomfortable truths but in a way that was positive and optimistic. We rediscovered our reason for working and the way our service works now is so different - and better - than before."

    - Dr Tom Lewis, Consultant Microbiologist and Clinical Lead for Pathology, Northern Devon Healthcare (NHS) Trust
    • North Devon Healthcare (NHS) Trust
    • Zurich
    • Here
    • Neighbourhood Midwives
    • Lloyds Banking Group
    • Wellbeing Teams
    • Gateshead Council
    • Homes for Scotland
    • NEW Devon CCG
    • Oldham Partnership


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