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Harder Inc. is no one’s fault; an accumulation of ways of working that solved different problems at different times but that no longer serve us well.

Starting with the issues that matter to you most, we will help you to reimagine your organisation so that getting things done is easier, better, faster and cheaper.

Our approach is deeply practical; no navel-gazing and no preaching - just systematic action to improve.

We will help you to:

  • CLARIFY what really matters and why.
  • IDENTIFY where you can take action to make the biggest difference.
  • FOCUS using simple approaches that remove distractions and get things done.
  • ACCELERATE the benefits by removing the causes of friction which lock Harder Inc. in place.

You know change is needed and are ready to be bold.

Although confident about where this work will take you and the benefits that will follow, you want help to plot the course, to build capability and to create momentum.

We will help you to shape your approach, to create the right foundations and to stay focused as you make the journey from being Harder Inc. to becoming Easier Inc.

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Making this change sounds great but you need to see it in action first.

You want to manage the scale but maintain the ambition for doing something genuinely different.

To do this you are up for suspending the usual rules - resourcing tests of change that will show you the potential of your future organisation in miniature.

We will guide you through where and how to start, what to do and what to watch out for so that you can reach a fully informed decision about how to transform at scale.

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You're looking for help to explore what's possible.

You may be at the start of your transformation journey or well along and preparing to address new issues and opportunities.

Rapid, expert insight is the order of the day.

We will help you to size up the options and place them into context. This will bring people together to build consensus, creating a platform for new collaborations and real improvement.

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You like the look of what we do and your hunch is that we can help but you're not sure how.

You would value time to share your thoughts and think through your opportunities and challenges.

The place to start is with a chat.

We don't go in for the hard sell; if we can't help then we will let you know and, where possible, connect you to others that we think could.

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