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Easier Inc. are a carefully curated network of partners.

We work together as a community of practice - sharing knowledge, helping each other and helping our clients to create better ways of working and better places to work.

This approach allows us to offer:

  • DEEP EXPERTISE; each partner has a proven track record and deep expertise. We don't send office juniors.
  • TAILORED SUPPORT; as experts our partners work beyond the usual recipes and 'cookie cutter' approaches.
  • HELP THAT'S HELPFUL; our diverse network keeps our approach open and evolving. We favour doing over dogma.

Founding Partner

Andy is a Founding Partner of Easier Inc. and author of our book.

Bringing together improvement approaches from across disciplines, Andy provides straightforward, jargon free support which helps people to:

  • make sense of complexity;
  • focus on what really matters;
  • create workplaces where responsibility, mutuality and fellowship flourish.

The outcome is sustainable ways of working that are easier, better, faster and cheaper.

In demand as a speaker, facilitator, coach and consultant, Andy's creative approach sees him working across sectors to support organisations of all sizes, from large scale blue chip institutions (e.g. Zurich Life Assurance) to small and dynamic start ups (e.g. Wellbeing Teams).

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Founding Partner

Dave helps organisations make it easier to solve the right problems.

With a background in Systems Thinking and experience across multiple sectors, the past few years have seen him specialise in helping financial service organisations maximise the returns from their investments in machine intelligence.

His recent multi-year clients have included Lloyd’s Banking Group, Zurich Life Assurance and Old Mutual.

Dave's approach - honed through direct experience as a Digital Product Owner  - prevents the need for over-long periods of analysis to ensure delivery in the here-and-now coupled to continuous learning and improvement.

Following an early career as an officer in the Royal Navy, Dave is now satisfying his wanderlust by leading the development of Easier Inc’s fast-growing African business.

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Jeremy is a systems thinker, consultant, lecturer, dad, husband, slow runner, average squash player and lifelong Norwich City fan. 

He is dedicated to helping people with better ways of organising; seeking clarity in the complex, making daunting problems manageable and thinking outside the (top-down) pyramid.

Jeremy's approach helps people, teams and organisations to reduce friction and humanise their work, resulting in better services for customers and citizens, better business performance and better places to work.

His practice is anchored in empathetic process consulting:

  • listening to people (and helping them listen to each other);
  • acting as a thinking partner; and
  • helping to create solutions that work in context.

Jeremy joined Easier Inc. in 2019 with more than two decades of consulting experience and a strong track record in senior leadership roles, most recently as Director of Quality Improvement at CQC (the health & social care regulator for England).

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Magma Effect

It may appear that reintroducing chimpanzees to the wild, leading communications for wetland conservation and creating skills programmes for those furthest from the labour market have nothing to do with each other. Take another look though and you'll see the golden thread of ‘meaning’ that runs through Jackie's work.

All people are sense-making, meaning-seeking beings. Through Magma Effect and in her work with Easier Inc. clients, Jackie supports people and teams with this; creating insight for meaning and motivation.

The way she does it is through values. Expert in a range of models, Jackie is the UK's lead practitioner with the Minessence Values Framework. She is adept at helping people to put into words the abstract, implicit and energy-rich ideas that drive their decisions and outcomes so they can approach their work with a fuller understanding of themselves and others.

And she has a ‘thing’ about storytelling too...

Contact Jackie


Phil Badley (DiamondNine) coaches and supports business leaders and their teams to develop better habits; connecting them with their values and helping them to perform at their best more of the time. 

Phil's work has taken him across sectors, where he has supported leaders to visualise and implement change with a particular focus on the hidden blockers to realising their potential.

This means his approach is holistic; supporting improvements in both personal and business performance, developing individual and collective agency for change and helping people to attend to the systemic issues (structures, processes, policies, etc.) that can get in the way. 

Phil’s purpose in life is to bring out the best in everyone he meets through an open and honest relationship that provides challenge, support and encouragement in equal measure.

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CommuniKate Design

Katie Merrien makes detailed information simple and accessible, without compromising on content.

She offers bespoke infographics, animations, real-time graphic recording/sketchnotes, and copywriting.

Katie's creative skills and efficiency can help you find your purpose; and your meeting notes need never be boring again!

Contact Katie

Next Stage Radicals 

As someone within an organisation, going on the journey from being Harder Inc. to becoming Easier Inc. can be a profoundly different experience to supporting that journey as a consultant, coach or facilitator.
At times the support that you may need is therefore best offered by peers who have been in the same shoes or who are currently wrestling with the same sorts of issues, pressures and opportunities.
The Next Stage Radicals make this possible.
Comprised of long-standing client-collaborators and others we have met along the way, they support people to connect with each other in a community of practice; creating opportunities for sharing learning, collaborating and peer-to-peer mentoring.
Join them every Thursday morning via their Facebook group for the #radicalcheckin.


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