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Managing Demand for Public Services

06 August 2017

READ THE REPORT: Demand Optimisation - 3 Lessons from Effective Practice.

All across public services there are efforts being made on demand management (aka demand optimisation). For me though, the term "demand management" creates conflicting feelings. On one hand, I can’t help but tense up at the thought of having my demand on a service that I need “managed”. I just want it to be met. On the other hand, I know, as I’m sure you do too, that public services are jammed with activity that, in a perfect world, would never need to happen. The notion that we can get up stream of some of the needs and circumstances that present and switch them off in ways that not only reduce cost and activity but also make for better lives and better communities is laudable. In fact, in the context of ever rising pressure on public services and static (or worse) funding, this effort is probably essential.

At Easier Inc. we are currently talking with friends at the Nuffield Trust about what we’ve learned about how to do this effectively and what some of the easy traps to fall into along the way are. It made us think, why not write these insights up as a discussion paper and invite others to come forward with what they’ve seen, learned and done too? We asked a couple of our clients from health and care services to help us.

So today, together with colleagues from Northern Devon Healthcare (NHS) Trust, NEW Devon CCG and Here, we are publishing a short report, describing 3 lessons we’ve learned together about how to manage demand effectively and 3 common errors we’ve observed.

You can read our report here.

N.B. We hope you’ll not just read the report but also get in touch to tell us what we’ve missed, what you’ve done and learned and how we can work together to continue to create better services, better communities and better lives.


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