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Hello World

29 March 2017

Hello world. Today we are introducing Easier Inc: a new venture, built on our years of experience helping organisations to create more effective and more humane places to be and to work.

Our mission is to develop and spread knowledge about how to do this and to help people to put this knowledge into practice. In short, we want to help you to create better organisations, better work and perhaps even a better world.

Easier Inc. is a vehicle for us to share what we already know and to collaborate with others to advance this knowledge; to find and create together new and better ways to work - to create even-Easier Inc.

What we are launching today is the best of what we know how to do already but we expect this to develop and diversify in ways that we can’t predict but are excited to discover with you.

Our business philosophy is simple enough. In a world where resources are stretched and strained, we want to offer something sustainable; to give back more than we take but to take enough to keep going. This is why we will be sharing lots of our know-how for free on our blog, while also offering services that people can pay for and that we know can help them to go further, faster, forever: sustainable business benefits but at the sort of cost that people can afford and that we can afford to offer.

On our website, through our blog and in our (soon to be published) book you’ll find a range of resources that we hope will improve your lives and your businesses.

We look forward to building a relationship with you into the future.

With our best wishes,

Kate, Dave, Helen and Andy


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