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Getting Things Done

24 April 2017

When it comes to getting things done, unless you can do it all yourself, you're going to need an effective strategy for engaging others.

There are 3 basic choices:

  • You can try to convince others that what you want to happen is the right and best way (1).

But unless people already agree with you there is a risk that the more you push your agenda the more others will push back, keeping everybody going round in circles

  • You can try to make others do what you want (2).

But even if you have the power to do so, there’s a good chance that the simple carrots and sticks that are possible will only serve to distort - not improve - performance.

  • You can work with others to coproduce what to do and how to do it (3).

It's fairly common for organisations to rely mainly on 1 and 2 for effecting change at scale; leaving 3 to be the preserve of executive teams and board members but with what effects?

New form, socially dynamic organisations are increasingly recognising coproduction as an essential new frontier for change but with significant implications for how they are designed and led.

Over the next few days, using the touchstones of the 3 Forces of Friction,  I’m going to be publishing some thoughts on why coproduction is essential, how it is different and what it takes to do it effectively at scale. I hope you’ll join me back here to find out more.


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