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Exploring System Leadership

27 March 2018

Last week I had the good fortune to spend some time with people from the health and care regulator for England (CQC). We were exploring what it means to regulate a system as one whole rather than as parts and it occured to me that much of our discussion was just as relevant to system leadership as it is to system regulation.

With that in mind, I thought I'd take a punt and share some of what we talked about through a series of short videos. I'll publish these over the next few weeks.

Each video explores an aspect of what system leadership is or could be, common issues that system leaders face and what can be done about them.

I've found the process of talking to a camera pretty painful (much harder than talking to a real audience) so please forgive the stilted tone and stumbling commentary but do let me know what you think of the content.

  • Are the things I describe the sorts of issues and opportunities that you see or is your world different?
  • Do the ways into action that I suggest resonate?
  • Have you found different ways that work for you and that you would be prepared to share?

Here's the first video, exploring my view of what system leadership is and why I think it's important.


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