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Our mission is to create better ways of working and better places to work. The Easier Inc. Partner Network is integral to this and brings open-minded experts together in a community of practice to support clients and to support each other.

Easier Inc. partners are people and organisations that:

  • Share our mission.
  • Favour being helpful over being right.
  • Make the complex simple and accessible.
  • Offer deep and complementary expertise.
  • Work in ways that are mutual, authentic and learning-led.
  • Have a track record of doing positive work that has a lasting impact.

If this sounds like you then we'd love to hear from you.

Simple steps to becoming a partner


Use our website

Take a look around. Read our blogs and browse the resource library. Make yourself familiar with what we offer and the perspective we take.


Read our book

Find out more about our theory and practice. Think about whether your experiences are reflected in the world that we describe.


Decision 1

Do you share our mission and our values? Does our approach feel like a good fit with your own? If so, will you get in touch to find out more?



Get in touch

Send us a few details using our contact form.

Contact Us


Become friends

We will contact you, get to know you better and help you to get a sense of what working together in partnership could be like.


Decision 2

Is there a clear, practical way forward for us to support each other? Are we going to commit to working together on a trial basis?



Connect to others

Join in with the community of practice. Learn with and from others. Expand your network.


Work together

Support people to create better ways of working and better places to work using our combined know-how.


Decision 3

Have we turned out to be a good fit for each other? Are we going to commit to an enduring partnership?


Ready to get in touch?


Achievement unlocked