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5 Steps for Effective Change

29 May 2017

Today I thought I’d share some reflections on the Easier Inc. model for effective change, going a little deeper into the steps and why they are in the order that we have placed them.

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6 Enablers of Effective Problem Solving

22 May 2017

One of the best predictors of an organisation’s future performance is its ability to solve problems (and seize opportunities). I sometimes visualise this by imagining organisations as big problem solving machines...

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Signalling Success

15 May 2017

In the heat of battle, it's easy to forget what really matters; to lose the connection between what we are doing and why we are doing it...

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Changing Culture

03 May 2017

It’s been said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Strong plans fail, strong cultures don’t. But culture change has proved to be an elusive goal.

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