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  • A Little Blog About Purpose

    Creating clarity of purpose is a big deal. How can we start?

  • Becoming Easier Inc.

    Understanding the nature of complexity can tell us much about what it will take to create better organisations, where doing what really matters is easier.

  • R.I.P. A.O.B.

    Are there undiscussables at your work? Is that fact undiscussable too? Perhaps this simple tool for use in meetings can help you change that.

  • Accountability

    When you say you want a 'culture of accountability' do you mean you want a culture of responsible practice? If so, what if a focus on accountability kills responsible practice?

  • The Box That Ticked Itself

    Too often regulation drives services designed with the inspector's visit in mind and 'Inspection-ready' consultants encourage a pathological mindset. When we design services to meet the real needs of customers, and regulators engage to encourage improvement, the boxes tick themselves and services improve.

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Worlds Apart

The world would be a boring place if we all thought the same but it can be a frustrating one when we don't. So what can we do when different world-views collide? Can we create better ways of working together that allow us to 'think different' and still pull in the same direction?

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